Solid dielectric power cable systems are subject to higher voltages than ever before and inadequate installation and testing of cable joints and terminations is the number one cause of failure (IEEE Std 493-2007 Table 10-33).

Transworld Electric is proud of our electricians that successfully completed the electrical maintenance course: Cable Splicing and Terminating, Medium Voltage. This course provides the instructional and hands-on training necessary for proper installation of cable splices and terminations. Understanding the proper installation of cable splices and terminations will drastically improve the cable’s life expectancy and help prevent damage to downstream equipment, and more importantly, protect personnel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain medium voltage cable components and construction
  • Identify applications of different cable types including marine, offshore, mining, underground (URD) and tech
  • Prepare cable for splicing utilizing hand tools, abrasives and solvents
  • Install taped, molded and heat shrink splices on tape-shielded and jacketed concentric (JCN) cables
  • Install taped, cold shrink and molded elbow terminations
  • Utilize a DC high potential tester for performing dielectric strength tests on assembled splice
  • Identify the causes of splice and termination failures
  • Explain procedures for buried, duct and tray installation and relevant OSHA safety requirements

Transworld Electric provides cable testing services for low, medium, and high voltage. Our licensed electricians are continuously attentive to detail and plan in accordance with current codes and standards to ensure accurate and safe testing.

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