This year Transworld, Inc. is celebrating 30 years of excellence, but how is excellence defined?

Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding and surpassing ordinary standards. Excellence is more than a set level of quality or perfection. Instead, the quality of excellence should be continuously redefined.

Having a clearly defined mission is fundamental when trying to achieve a level of extraordinary excellence. Transworld, Inc. was founded with the mission to deliver the best possible electrical service to our customers. Every day we strive to create a company culture that is incredibly focused on this mission.  We pursue this culture of excellence by implementing policies that support our mission through our core values and frequent assessments of our services to ensure that they continue to align with our mission.

Core Values:

Safety: Every day we are challenged with new opportunities. Striving for excellence allows us to find solutions that exceed normal performance and allows us to achieve outstanding results that we can sustain. We are continually learning and refining our services so that we are the leading provider of delivering safety.

Innovative: Excellence isn’t stagnant so neither are we. We continuously look for opportunities of improvement and innovation; our best today is better than our best yesterday and our best for tomorrow will be even better.

Community: We focus on improving excellence by communicating to employees how each individual and customer help to contribute to our overall success as a community. Rewarding individual and team behavior help motivate employees to remain committed to our excellence.

Professional Development: To be excellent, you need to optimize the use and effectiveness of all our resources. We believe our employees are our number one resource within our organization. We take pride in our employees and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed and promote advancement at every level in the organization.

Confident: Excellence is hard work and means only accepting the best and improving as you gain more experience through growth and maturity. When we are honestly pursuing excellence, we can have the confidence that we are living out our mission and providing the best customer service within our community.

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