DWG is a full service engineering and consulting firm providing services to multiple disciplines. Their team consists of highly skilled engineers and qualified support staff. Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors had a great time sponsoring lunch at DWG to share the recent updates of NFPA 70E as it relates to Arc Flash Analysis Studies.

Chapter 2 of the recently updated NFPA 70E: Electrical Safe Work Practices, 2015 Edition, discusses Safety-Related Maintenance and Arc Flash Requirements. NFPA 70E was created at the request of OSHA to educate and set industry standards for electrical safety and ultimately reduce the number of electrical related injuries and deaths that occur in the workplace. An important update in the 2015 edition of NFPA 70E was that the owner(s) of any electrical equipment that can be identified as an arc flash hazard are responsible for the documentation, installation, and maintenance of the field-marked labels. DWG’s consultants’ offer Arc Flash Analysis which includes identifying and labeling electrical equipment but the incident Energy Analysis that DWG’s consultants configure is relying on the electrical equipment to always work in accordance to the manufacturer. Basically, if the electrical equipment is not maintained properly and preventive maintenance is not completed to test the integrity of the equipment, the owner of the equipment and electricians working on the equipment cannot rely on the arc flash calculation stated on the arc flash label. The Arc Flash Calculation is created based on time and energy, if the electrical equipment does not trip accordance to manufactures setting, then the arc flash would be higher than calculated and is a danger to anyone working on that piece of equipment.

How does Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractor’s services relate to an Arc Flash Analysis?

Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractor’s specializes in preventative maintenance and our TEGG Pro Software helps to combine the asset maintenance management as well as data collection for DWG’s consultant to complete the Arc Flash Analysis. Our preventative maintenance service is an electrical safety analysis that uses innovative technology, including infrared and ultrasonic testing, to test and warrant the integrity of your electrical system. This will ensure that your electrical system is compliant with the 6 Point Compliance checklist from NFPA 70E and you can rely on the accuracy of the Arc Flash Calculations on your electrical equipment.


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