Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors received a call from a hospital engineer who had a cooling tower drive shutting down which was causing the temperatures to rise within the facility. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity are an issue because it leads to violations to DEHC’s indoor environmental standard.

The hospital engineer tried to troubleshoot the unit and drive over several months, and eventually replaced the drive at a cost of several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, this did not address the root cause and they wasted valuable time and money.

Transworld, Inc. performed a power quality test at the unit, revealing that the “A” phase voltage was sagging and showed spikes in voltage and amperage. We traced the circuit back to the MCC and performed a root cause analysis. We safely de-energized to inspect the connections and wiring and found that bus splice plates serving the cooling tower drive were burnt and beyond repair. We installed new bus splice plates and bus kits in this MCC section and verified all new connections. Since completing the repairs, the hospital was able to return to normal operation and the cooling tower drive has not had any further issues.

Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors performed the electrical testing, found the problem, arrived at a solution, and successfully replaced the burnt bus bar all within one week. Without electrical preventative and predictive maintenance, management assumes a much greater risk of electrical failure and its consequences which includes wasted engineering time and money.

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