Electrician Apprenticeship Program in Charleston, SC

Why become an electrician?

Make Money.

An electrician’s pay grade is much higher than most of the other construction industry occupations. Electricians enjoy a steady and competitive salary.

Find a Job Anywhere.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that in the year 2020 there will be about 700,000 positions for electricians with an overall job growth predicted to be 20%.

Apprenticeship Training.

Technical classroom and field training. A huge benefit to becoming an electrician is that you won’t accumulate an unimaginable amount of student debt. The typical bachelor’s degree program cost an average of $127,000.

Career Opportunities

There are various paths that you can take as an electrician. Electricians can become promoted to Electrical Engineer, Contract Manager and even Electrical Design Engineer within their company and field.

Fun Work Environment.

If you want a career where you work with your hands and you’re not tied down to the same four walls of an office building, then this is the perfect fit for you.

Charleston Electricians Hiring

Voted 2018 Top Workplace by Charleston Business Magazine.

Enjoy the many benefits of working for an establish Charleston electrical contractor.



In addition to our apprenticeship program, we provide all our employees with the latest training so each employee can advance in their careers.


We execute this by using innovative top of the line technologies. We continue to think outside of the box and push the envelope to achieve the ultimate best.


Our goal is to create a professional image for the electrical industry that creates a sense of pride in our employees and inspires others.


With over 225 years of combined experience, we create an encouraging community to ensure a positive working experience.

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