The Navy Base used to be Charleston’s largest industry and the largest single employer in the history of South Carolina. Unfortunately, the Naval Base’s activity began to drastically decline after the end of World War II. In the past few years, North Charleston has been working on redeveloping the naval base to encourage economic development.

One of the last buildings remaining from this important time is history is the Eternal Father of the Sea Chapel. It was built in 1942 and embraces the unique history of the Naval Base. The nondenominational chapel served not only as a house of worship and a host for weddings, but also accommodated military and civilian needs within the community.

Recently the graduate students in a historic preservation program offered jointly by the College of Charleston and Clemson University examined the chapel’s history and identified its defining features. They concluded that the chapel is important to the community’s history and should be preserved. The chapel was been relocated while still protecting it’s historic integrity.

Transworld is working alongside Richard Mark’s Restoration Inc. to complete this renovation. Transworld is rewiring and installing the electrical work in the newly relocated chapel. Richard Mark’s Renovation specializes in historic renovations and Transworld will help to deliver the level of craftsmanship needed to complete this transformation. Our skilled electricians have experience that allows them to use a non-destructive wiring method that will preserve the historic value of the chapel. The chapel has been moved to a new location and rewiring will begin soon.

Here are some progression pictures.

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