Interested in a Generac Generator?

Are you ready to control your power but have a few questions that need to be answered?

We’ve compiled a list of FAQ (frequently asked questions) to help you better understand the buying process and the generator services we provide.

If your questions aren’t answered here, please get in touch.

How much is a whole home Generac generator?

This depends on the size of your home and the amount of electrical appliances in your home. Turnkey prices start out around $8,500.00 but there are many factors that can affect the pricing. For example, does the generator need to be on a raised platform? How far is the gas connection/ electrical connection from the generator? Is your propane tank large enough?

Do you Service Generators?

Our trained technicians are licensed electricians and are certified to service Generac generators up to 150kW. We also service some smaller GE, Kohler and Briggs and Stratton models. Please contact us if you are unsure of what generator model you have.

Transworld Electric does not service portable generators.

How far will you travel to service or install a generator?

We typically do not travel more than an 1-hour drive outside of Charleston for service and installation of generators. This allows our trained technicians the ability to provide the quality of service that we promise to all our generator customers. We want to ensure that our customer’s generators received the timely attention and service they need to run efficiently during a storm or emergency.

What if I don’t have Natural Gas or Propane at my house?

We have a network of propane providers in the area that we work with who can set/bury a new tank, run the gas and keep it filled up. Many propane providers give you the option to either buy or leased the propane tank.

What type of service do generators require?

Similar to a car, your generator requires regular maintenance. The service schedule can vary depending on the generator’s model and usage but we typically recommend servicing your generator once a year. Your annual maintenance should include changing the oil and oil filter, changing the air filter and spark plugs, testing the batteries and topping of the coolant if necessary. We provide all these services and more in our annual generator service packages.

Transworld Electric is the Authorized Generac Dealer in Charleston, South Carolina. Over the years, we’ve installed and serviced hundreds of Generac generators. Our licensed electricians are factory trained and prepared to handle all your Generac generator needs.

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