Franke at Seaside is a full-service retirement community that provides retirement options for active lifestyle living, assisted living, and specialized care that has close to 400 residents.  Their unique campus includes an independent neighborhood of 75 patio homes and 101 apartments and a 24,000 square foot community center, the Burges Center. Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors recently sat down with Bryan Muckenfuss, Physical Plant Director, to learn why he believes in investing in preventative and predictive maintenance for his electrical system.

Why do I invest in electrical preventative maintenance for my facility?

 “Franke at Seaside invests in preventative maintenance because it allows us to prevent downtime, prevent fires, and prevent costly repairs by detecting failures early. Over the years, we have been able to detect motors and bearing before failure and we’ve detected an early failure on transformers that if left undetected, would have left us without power for days. Many times we have found electrical equipment that was getting really hot and was a fire risk. The innovative technology used during testing, allows us to catch potential issues and make changes before a dangerous situation occurs. Technology is always changing and it is crucial to always be one step ahead so you don’t fall behind.  I know that with Transworld as our exclusive electrical service provider, we will always have the most innovative and top of line technology that is necessary for my facility to remain operational without interruption and eliminate all preventable and predictable downtime. Through the years we have built a strong relationship we their team and I can always count on Morgan and Al to be there when we need them. They are there when you need them.”

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