As a small local business in Charleston, we feel a special connection to the community. We want to show our appreciation and help create a stronger and safer future for the city. As electricians, we understand the threats of electricity and its potential danger and fire hazards. Safety is crucial in our industry, not only for our employees but for the families and companies we service. We believe that we not only provide quality electrical work but that we deliver safety and peace of mind to our customers. Every day we focus on ensuring our customers are safe by maintaining their electrical systems and detecting potential electrical fire risks that may be present. We believe it is important that home owners understand the potential fire hazards that are present in their home and the best methods of prevention. After being in business for over 25 years and having over 225 years of combined industry experience, Transworld has gained ample knowledge that we believe will benefit the community and reduce the number of home fires. Our presentation delivers fire safety tips for everywhere in your house, not only your electrical system. We are excited about this opportunity to give back to our customers and the Charleston community.

With a presentation on fire safety, we reached out to the fire departments since they are the experts in the area to ensure that we had top quality information. Battalion Chief Richard Rodgers invited us to present to the James Island Fire Department. The presentation was beneficial for everyone. Thank you to everyone that took time out of their busy day to attend: Captain Robert Scott, Captain Russell Creedmore, Deputy Chief Thomas Glick III, Battalion Chief Richard Rodgers, Brody Bukowsky, Wesley Fairey, Mathew Lynch, Adam Tittle, and Gary Hobart.

Battalion Chief Richard Rodgers said “We really enjoyed the Fire Safety and Prevention presentation from Transworld. They were very knowledgeable and I appreciated Jim Ritter sharing his personal experiences that coupled well with the presentation. This presentation explored topics that were completely new to many of us. As fire fighters, we typically only see what is in front of us while responding to an emergency fire call. This presentation allowed us to learn what is happening behind the walls and how the fire may have originated. We are excited to further on knowledge and educate ourselves on the electrical hazards that could be present during a fire”

Captain Russell Creedmore said “I am currently remodeling my home and this presentation was very useful for me. As a homeowner, especially with a family, it is important that I ensure that my house if safe. I appreciated Transworld sharing their knowledge on the importance of installing GFCIs and how to properly install a ground rod. Overall the presentation was the epitome of awesomeness.”

Transworld is honored to have had this opportunity to share our knowledge with the James Island Fire Department. We gained valuable insight from the station and we look forward to future opportunities with the Charleston community.

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