Transworld Electric designed an LED lighting retrofit for a warehouse that resolved their issues of poor lighting quality, high maintenance costs and eliminated wasted energy.

The warehouse’s existing 194 fixtures were 400-watt metal halide. Transworld Electric was able to reduce their energy consumption and maintenance costs by replacing their existing fixtures with 123 175-watt 4′ LED lighting fixtures. The wattage reduction from the metal halide to LED was over 50% which greatly reduces the utility bill. In addition, the warehouse was able to obtain a rebate from their utility provider to help cover a portion of the cost of the lighting project.

Additional energy savings were achieved by installing motion sensors in the aisle and lighting controls for the areas around the shelving.

The LED replacement fixture provide a brighter, crisper, more natural light and gives the employees a safer and more secure environment.

The project went so well there are plans to continue updating other areas of the facility, including the office and meeting spaces.

Switching to LED was the right solution.

Interested in LED lighting?

Transworld Electric’s professionals can work with you to design an LED project to fit your exact needs. 

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