Transworld Electric offers infrared thermography testing in South Carolina and Georgia

Infrared thermography is an effective tool used to discover the deterioration of electrical and electro-mechanical equipment and reduces the risk of fire, shock, and arc flash. Scheduling a routine infrared thermography inspection as part of your electrical testing program can dramatically improve the safety and reliability of your electrical equipment. Over the years, infrared thermography cameras have become very affordable for electrical contractors to purchase. Although this technology may seem simple to use, it is very complex and is only effective when used by a qualified electrician.

When looking to hire an electrical contractor near you to perform infrared testing on your electrical equipment in South Carolina, Transworld Electric is the industry expert. Our licensed electricians have performed infrared testing for customers all over the state of South Carolina and Georgia. We have shared three qualifications that are required to be able to effectively perform an infrared test.

  1. Certified Infrared Thermographer

As we mentioned above, the infrared thermography camera is complex and there are a lot of technical components that need to be understood in order to perform an accurate infrared scan. When hiring for infrared testing, the technician should be a Level I and Level II Certified Infrared Thermographer. Only a truly certified infrared thermography professional can understand the complex camera emissivity settings for the materials being measured, and the criticality of comparing phase to phase temperature differentials (not phase to ambient). If you are looking for infrared testing in South Carolina, Transworld Electric’s electricians are Level I & II Certified Infrared Thermographer.

  1. Licensed Journeyman or Master Electrician

When looking to hire an electrical contractor to perform infrared testing, the IR technician needs to be a licensed electrician. Only a licensed electrician will understand the electrical measurements and the equipment being inspected which allows them to perform root cause analyses on all anomalies when detected and provide actionable data for planned repairs. In addition, true accuracy and precision during infrared testing can only be achieved by safely removing the panel covers from the electrical equipment. All of Transworld Electric’s IR technicians are licensed electricians.

  1. Safety Training & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

NFPA 70E: Electrical Safe Work Practices states that the owner of the equipment is liable for the safety of all site personnel including contractors. It is the owner’s responsibility to assure that anyone performing infrared testing is NFPA 70E qualified. Specifically, NFPA 70E requires that the technician performing the infrared testing is qualified to work on energized equipment within the restricted boundary and wears the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the equipment hazard rating. Transworld Electric’s electricians have both the proper NFPA 70E training and PPE required to perform your infrared testing safely.

Infrared thermography testing can improve the safety and reliability of your electrical system but only when performed by a professional. Transworld, Inc. offer infrared thermography testing in South Carolina and can provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of your facility and electrical equipment.

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