Historic Homes

Charleston is known for being a unique city with a historic past. Much of this history can be represented through many of the historic homes and their unique architecture. Charleston is dedicated to retaining the imagine, history and relevance of these older historic homes. Historic homes require a different set of skills to wire so they can remain in prestige condition and avoid damaging the valuable floors, walls and ceilings. Transworld can use a non-destructive wiring methods to ensure the quality of your historic home. Our licensed electricians have years of extensive experience with rewiring and upgrading older homes in a way that will preserve their historic value.

Many of the contractors we do work for specialize in historic renovations and understand the level of craftsmanship needed to perform this work.

Some of the clientele we service are:

  • Richard Marks’ Restoration Inc.
  • Historic Charleston Foundation
  • The Preservation Society of Charleston
  • The College of Charleston, Just to name a few.

If you have an older home and require the best, give us a call today!

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