Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors is the only CurrentSAFE service provider in South Carolina. We offer this unique service because it is the only service available that can locate electrical hazards without disturbing the structure of your home.

What is CurrentSAFE?

CurrentSAFE is a home electrical hazard detection service that Transworld, Inc.’s electricians are trained and certified to perform. By using the most advanced technology, our electricians are able to identify virtually all electrical hazards in your home, without disturbing or dismantling anything in your home. Once we have completed the necessary testing, we will deliver a page by page report of problems and recommended solutions.

What are the proven testing devices?

Infrared Thermographic Imager – Looking for heat signatures
Ultrasonic Sound Detector – Listen to the electricity to hear abnormalities in outlets, switches, or walls
Circuit Analyzer – Determines any issues in circuit by measuring the voltage, current, and resistance
Ground Resistance Tester – Test the earth electrodes and the measurement of soil resistivity
True RMS – Measures alternating current (ac) or ac voltage
Circuit Tracer – These devices can locate breakers, neutrals, ground lines, branch circuits, feeders, control wiring, and more.

Why CurrentSAFE?

CurrentSAFE was created to help reduce the number of home electrical fires. Every 6 minutes there is a fire due to electrical problems in the U.S. and Canada and which is over 90,453 fires according the National Fire Protection Association. CurrentSAFE’s goal is to discover electrical problems before they happen and assure clean dependable power to your home’s electronic equipment.

Peace of mind for you.
Protection for your home and family.

Is CurrentSAFE for your home?

The International Association of Fire Fighters, The National Fire Protection Association, and the Consumer Products Safety Commission have found that electrical fires occur in 3 categories:

• The current electrical system is old and worn out. Wires are dried out and cracked.
• The current technology and electrical demands of appliances and equipment in the home are too much for the circuit that exists and is overloaded.
• Unqualified DIY work that has been improperly done on electrical circuits or wiring.

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has issued a number of warnings about potential hazards of aluminum wiring terminations at outlets, light switches and other termination points. Transworld’s services can help determine if aluminum wiring is in your home and detect if there is any dangers of an electrical fire occurring.

Our certified and trained electricians performing the CurrentSAFE service.

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