12 Days of Holiday Safety

  1. Christmas tree safety

There needs to be water in the base of the truck at all times. Christmas trees, especially dry trees, are a fire hazards so do not place them close to any fireplaces, heaters, or candles.

  1. Check all lights before decorating

Make sure to always inspect the light’s cords before using and never connect LED to conventional lights. This will cause the LED lights to wear out more quickly and could be a fire or electrical hazard. If you are decorating outside, make sure your lights are outdoor rated.

  1. Clean your chimney

Before enjoying your fireplace it’s important to get your chimney cleaned and inspected. A chimney sweep will clean your chimney and remove soot, creosote, and glaze which could all be potential fire hazards.

  1. Make sure smoke alarms work and replace any over 10 years old

Smoke alarms should be checked every 6 months and replaced every 10 years. Smoke alarms should be located on every floor of your home and outside all sleeping areas.

  1. Protect your family with CO alarms

If your home has an attached garage, wood or gas fireplace, or other fuel-burning device, you need to have working CO alarms outside every sleeping area. Additional CO alarms are recommended 5-20 feet from sources of CO such as a furnace, water heater or fireplace.

  1. Safe ladder practices

Climb slowly and always leave yourself plenty of time. Accidents happen when someone is hurried or distracted. Never prop a ladder on top of another object and always inspect the floor surface and the upper surface where the ladder will be positioned. Always carry a cell phone if you are working alone so if an accident happens you can call for help.

  1. Use extension cords wisely

Avoid overloading circuits with plugs and extension cords because this will cause overheating that could result in fire. Never place cords under a rug or have furniture placed on top of the cord.

  1. Give space heater space

Keep them at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn such as curtains, upholstery, or holiday decorations.

  1. Watch those candles

If you have candles lit in your house, make sure you watch them and blow them out before you leave the house or when you go to sleep. Also, keep lit candles away from children or pets.  You can avoid using real candles by opting for safer flame-less candles.

  1. Pet safety

Mistletoe, poinsettias, and holly berries are all toxic to pets. Also, make sure to keep ornaments and bite size decorations out of the way so your pets don’t try to eat them and choke.

  1. Cooking safety & grease fires

If you are cooking, stay in the kitchen and pay attention to your cooking – especially if your using oil or high temperatures. If a pot catches on fire, carefully slide a tight-fitting lid over the pot to smother the flames and then turn off the heat.

  1. GFCI Protections

Make sure that all of your outdoor circuits are protected by ground fault circuit interrupters. If you are using non-GFCI circuits, then purchase cords or devices that provide portable, in-line GFI protection. These can be bought at most home improvement stores or online retailer locations.

Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors wants to wish you and your family a wonderful and safe holiday season! Enjoy the extra time with your friends and family and remember these safety tips while you’re preparing and celebrating.

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