Flickering lights. Tripping breaker. Outlet Sparking.

These aren’t signs of a haunted house but something much scarier, faulty electrical work.

The NFPA reports that there’s an average of 45,210 home structural fires each year that are caused by electrical problems. If you notice any signs of a faulty electrical system, it is important to call a licensed electrician immediately.

Signs your electrical system needs to be inspected:

  • Frequent blown fuses or tripped breakers

  • Dimming or flickering of lights

  • Hot or discolored switch plates, cords, or plugs

  • Light bulbd burn out in socket

  • Buzzing or sizzling sounds

  • A burning smell

  • Arcs or sparks from an outlet

  • Loose outlets

  • Cracked, cut, or broken insulation

  • Electrical shock when you plug in or touch a cord

Other reason to have your electrical system inspected:

  • If your home is more than 40 years old

  • If you’re relying on extension cords for power

  • If you’ve made major home improvements or added major new appliances

  • If your home has ungrounded, two-prong outlets

  • If your home has aluminum instead of copper wiring

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