Energy savings is a hot topic in the electrical industry. We understand and support adapting new ideas that can increase power quality and reduce energy usage but it is always important to understand their true impact. Daniel Carnovale with Eaton Corporation has researched the topic of energy savings and the false claims presented to the market on Power Quality solutions. He states that the providers significantly overstate the savings and the customers are deceived by their selling methods.

Daniel Carnovale has researched the calculations, done the measurements and talked to the vendors to find the true energy savings of Power Quality solutions. In conclusion, ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!’ Although, you can save significant money if there is a penalty, many of the energy savings claims are fabricated (10x or more) by manufactures.This paper emphasizes the importance of recognizing the overstated marketing claims. His goal is to educate individuals on the risks associated with believing the information published regarding these types of equipment and to show the dramatic change in the sales methods for Power Quality solutions over the past several years.

Read the whole article and watch the video HERE!

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