NFPA 70 E is entitled Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. The NFPA 70 E requirements help create work place safety and encourage practices to keep personnel safe by reducing exposure to major electrical hazards. It was originally developed at OSHA’s request in hopes to avoid workplace injuries and fatalities due to shock, electrocution, arc flash, and arc blast. Transworld highly respects our employees and understand the importance of safety. We are continuously attentive to detail, no matter the project and ensure our employees are equipped for every task. We require all of our employees to receive the latest training and to continue safety education training throughout their entire professional career. Last week we were honored to have Joe Gierlach, TEGG’s Vice President of Technical Training at and Support, teach the NFPA 70 E seminar to our employees.
Joe Gierlach is an industry expert and has been training on NFPA 70 E since 2006. He is passionate about the power of safety education.

“Most people don’t understand the hazards and potential threats that can occur while working on a job site. The first step is education, so you can become aware and understand how to react and handle unsafe situations. Many people come into the seminar with the preconceived notion that this is going to be another boring day of training. My job is important because I get to use my passion for safety to inspire others. Once everyone understands the benefits the safety standards provide and how relatable they are to their real working conditions, they all become very interested and engaged throughout the entire day. As an instructor, I show passion and personal experience to ensure the participants are constantly engaged throughout the day. My goal is for everyone to leave with a different outlook and respect for the course.”


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