The Value of Whole-House Surge Protectors

If you’ve got sophisticated electronics and appliances—and who doesn’t these days?—you can’t afford to not safeguard them with a whole-house surge protector installed by a Charleston Electrician.

Did you know that the majority of power surges are not due to lightning strikes but instead from high-powered home appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators?

Protect your home with a whole-house surge protector .


Over 80% of power surges are transient (short, intense) burst and we generate them ourselves within our homes. These power surges occur many times every day and are mostly very mild and very brief. Although, these power surges may not cause any initial damage over time they will add up and degrade the performance of electronics and cut short their useful lifespans.

As the number of electronics in homes continues to grow, homes are in more need of a whole house surge protection today than ever. Homeowners invest thousands on washing machines, dryers, fridges, home theatre systems, widescreen TVs, and computers; without surge protection, all of these electronics are gradually eroding.

Although power surges don’t present fire hazards and protective devices aren’t required by building codes or homeowner’s insurance carries, everyone from the National Fire Protection Association and the Institute for business and Home Safety recommends them.

The type of surge protection you opt for will depend on your budget and the cost of the equipment you are protecting. But regardless of your circumstances, unless you want a lot of costly repairs and replacements down the track, the time to get some form of surge protection is right now.

In many cases, a licensed electrician can install a surge protection device directly into your electrical panel. This adds an extra level of protection at the panel and feeds downline to protect electronics and appliances. It can be down fairly inexpensive and a couple of hundred dollars can protect your thousands worth of appliances and electronics.

It is also smart to install supplemental surge protection or a surge protection outlet near sensitive electronics like TVs and computers.

There is no such thing as too much surge protection!

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