Anne Keogh 

Richie Smith was an absolute delight to meet! I couldn’t have asked for a better electrician — with more than 15 years of experience, he knew exactly what was needed & when he had a manufacturer question in order to proceed, he didn’t hesitate to call the manufacturer so he could move on to the next step. He was a man who was going to get the job done, and done with a smile and kindheartedness. Richie must be one of your top employees – if not *the* top employee on your staff – as I can only imagine you have received hundreds of complimentary emails about Richie just like mine over the past several years. He’s an amazing electrician, and I am so happy to have his Transworld card. I’m pinning it on my bulletin board & only the best go up there…. the cards I absolutely CANNOT lose because the service and quality are so top notch that I will never have to look elsewhere for another company (in this case, electrician or electrical contracting company) again. Richie is up on my board and thank you, Transworld, for hiring him! I will certainly spread the word. 

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