Are your outdoor electrical outlets safe?

Outdoor electrical outlets need to be carefully installed and cared for to ensure safety.


  • Install Weather Resistant (WR) Receptacles:

All outdoor outlets need to be WR rated receptacles. Installing weather resistant (WR) receptacles will protect your outlet from humidity, rain, ice, and snow when properly installed by a licensed electrician.

  • Install GFCI Outlets:

In addition to being a WR receptacle, every outdoor outlet needs to be GFCI rated. GFCI rated outlets will protect you from being shocked or electrocuted and appliances from getting damaged.

  • Install Outlet Covers:

The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires all new construction and replacement of outdoor outlet covers to be of the bubble cover type. The bubble cover comes down right over the outlet, even when a cord is plugged in. This ensures no water damage, no outlets catching on fire, and no blown fuses or circuit breakers.  Installing a bubble cover on your outdoor outlet will help keep water and debris from making its way into the outlet that would affect the outlets’ ability to conduct and deliver electricity.

Call Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors to have on of our licensed electricians safely install and update your outdoor electrical outlets in your Mount Pleasant, SC home.

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