Ladder Safety

It’s the last day of National Electrical Safety Month and Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors is sharing ladder safety tips.

Karl has over 25 years of experience in the electrical industry and 12 years of electrical teaching experience. He shares a brief discussion explain ladder selection, ladder inspection, and climbing safety.

Ladder Selection –

There are over 15 types of ladders used in the electrical industry ranging from step tools to extension ladders. It is important to first understand what job you will be performing and then choose the best ladder to fit those specific needs. Paying attention to the duty rating is very important when choosing your ladder. The duty rating corresponds to weight, which it is important to not only think of the weight of the person using the ladder but also any tools that might be used while on the ladder. In the electrical industry, we use fiberglass ladders because fiberglass is nonconductive and lightweight.

Ladder Inspection –

After you choose the correct ladder for the job, you need to inspect the ladder for any damage. This includes looking for any damage on the non-slip feet, any cracked, split, worn or broken rails, braces, steps or rungs. Also, need to check that the ladder has the necessary safety stickers that are required by OSHA.

Climbing Safety –

Before you begin climbing you need to make sure the ladder is set up correctly. This includes checking that the cross braces are securely locked and the feet are level and stable. Once the ladder is set up correctly, you need to safely block off your working area. While climbing we want to remember the 3-point of contact rule. This means there are always 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times. Also, make sure you always stay center while working on the ladder and stay with-in the rail edges. Never climb to the top of the ladder that will create a hazard.

Need an electrician that you can trust to follow proper ladder safety? 

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