Recessed lighting in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas.

Recessed lighting has become increasingly popular over the years with homeowners and business owners. Recessed lighting is often referred to as can lights or downlights and requires a licensed electrician to install. Recessed lighting has many benefits and is typically safer than tradition handing lights because there is a casing that protects again dust, children, and mishaps. Recessed lighting is also embedded into the ceiling which means there are no safety risks associated with dangling cords.

Are you interested in recessed lighting in your Charleston home or business?

Keep in mind that anytime you want to upgrade light fixtures, you need the help of a licensed residential electrician for safety reasons.


Best places to install recessed lighting:


  • Recessed lighting is a great option for kitchens because they are directional and work well as kitchen task lights. Recessed lighting is also a great option to install above a kitchen island so that the ceiling is clear of any obstructions.


  • Rooms with low ceilings, such as basements are great options for recessed lighting. Recessed lighting can help open up these spaces since there’s no need for a hanging light fixture and this will help the room look and feel bigger.

Home Movie Theater

  • Home movie theaters will benefit from the clear sight-lines that recessed lights provide.


  • Recessed lights have watertight lenses which makes them the only lights that can get splashed with water and keep working.

Home Decor

  • Many homeowners and business owners choose recessed lighting as a way to highlight home décors such as a wall bookcase, or decorative pieces such as artwork, sculptures, and paintings.

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Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors residential electricians can help you with all your recessed lighting needs.

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